sociologist martin klamt describes public space as the face of the city and a mirror of society. 
if this is true, i ask myself: what does it say about our society that public space is increasingly being made unusable for the homeless with the help of hostile architecture, and that this is also being financed with taxes?
homelessness is not an unfamiliar image to us all, but the fates of the people for whom it means everyday life are deliberately avoided. as a passerby, in politics or in urban and building planning - we build up an artificial distance and reinforce it by intervening in public space. its use is increasingly restricted so that marginalized people are pushed out of our field of vision.
the work focuses on mechanics of hostile architecture, such as modifying objects by attaching spikes, using cold, hard materials, or beveling lying surfaces. i make use of these elements by transposing them into a framework familiar to the observers. in this way, i hope to sensitize people to the subject and let them see the world for a moment through the eyes of those from whom they usually close their own. 

featured in:
profiphoto nr. 6, june 2022
horizonte zingst 2022 - eat it! catalogue and exhibition
world wild 2022 - bff exhibition in stuttgart

location: ain't no trash
assistant: phillip sasse

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