the band roller derby created a new single called underwater. it's their most melancholic song to date, focusing around a lost love. 
as the track begins we see the hamburg based trio in their studio. 
outfits and make-up are inspired by some of their idols like molly burch, robert smith and declan mckenna. as the song progresses, the studio transforms more and more into an underwater world. Corals emerge from the floor, disco balls with plants climb from the ceiling and jellyfish float through the room. 
my personal highlight is our the octopus, who tries to throw the others off.
check it out and get lost undersea.

featured on:

music: roller derby
production + mix: dennis jüngel

director | edit: denis pavlovic
camera: jan nowicki
stage design | costume design | styling | make-up : paul wöllgens
 maya habryka + martha wurmus
grading: michael throne

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