the artwork > philologiAR < consists of an island-like installation with different bamboo species and an embedded metal plate printed with a QR code.
the theme of the > green ribbon < is reinterpreted by the evergreen bamboo species with the different colors and their arrangement. the foundation is to be similar to the facade, made of white concrete with marble aggregates and serves as a natural seating option. 
with the use of this QR code with AR application, an interactive virtual > social sculpture < is formed. using mobile devices, one can scan the embedded QR code and answer the following question:

is the question, > what is a philological question? < a question that can challenge philological questioning itself? 

the answers generate a metaball, which then causes a change (size, complexity, arrangement) to the > social sculpture <. this interactive sculpture can be experienced with the AR application, creating an intentional meta-level of the research field in a poetically playful way. new entanglements and relationships of visible - invisible, natural - artificial, open - closed, building - digital, and humanities - natural sciences are formed.

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